About Me and my Blog

I made this blog just to share the goal of my knowledge
get when attending college at this time.
apologize for the limitations and shortcomings in this blog
thank you for your attention
its me…

hi my name dian novtani, my nick name is chip, i live in bogor, i am a collage in universitas pakuan ciangsana.

thank you for attention and i wish you come back to visit my blog

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  1. Okey miss novtani’s blog,your blog is beautifully : like you ckckckkckck,just kidding miss πŸ™‚ .. And i think is activity blogwalking is very good job xixixi,because like this for me…. *sorry my engglish languange,is very bad hehehehe πŸ™‚ …. your nick names,is funny like chip poker hahhahaaaaa !!! ……. okey your are welcome,nice meet your … don’t forget follow back my blog,and your visits in my wordpress … Thanks before wassalam , from pekalongan city πŸ™‚

  2. miss indonesia kalee he he he

  3. aq tunggu lagu grooveshark ya.. enak lama2 di disini. adem. cmn gak ada kopi + kuenya he he he

  4. sore gan. jumpa lagi hihiihi
    mw nanya nih, Polldaddy kamu koq ada gambar, cara buat gmn ya?? hihihii

    btw, musik mantap he he he

    • malam gan hehe..
      owh yang polldaddy itu ya.. itukan udah ada interface customnya gan hehe.. coba deh di cek nanti tinggal pilih yang kita mau disana πŸ˜€

      musicnya rock hard ya hahaa..
      besok yang mellow ah biar pada ngantuk yang mampir hahaa..

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